Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tallahassee Hosts a Healthy Spring Break

The 95210 tenant of getting one hour of physical activity can be difficult to reach when you work full time and when kids spend much of their day inside. But, with Leon County Schools on Spring Break next week, its a great time to search out some active ways to spend your time. Many local camps offer active respite for classroom-weary kids, or if you are taking the week off as well, there are plenty of ways to stay active all week long. 
Check out these fun and action-packed opportunities for your kids to stay active during the upcoming break from school, as well as local exploring you can do as a family. This article is republished courtesy of www.FitTallahassee.com.

Day 1: Go Hiking!
Wakulla Springs, Forestmeadows Park, the Miccosukee Greenway, and Maclay Gardens all offer kid-friendly hikes that foster a greater appreciation of the beautiful natural resources of Tallahassee. Pack water bottles, granola bars, dried fruit, and wear sunscreen to make sure your hike is as safe as it is healthy and fun.

Day 2: ARTS After School
Karate, dance, conditioning, and playground games are balanced with art, music, sewing, and free play to provide a well-rounded day of healthy activity. Drop-in rates are just $37 per child, or you can attend for the week for $185. Bring a lunch and water to stay fueled for fun all day long.

Day 3: Lace up your skates!
Skate World is open for spring break from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, so head over for some fun, music-infused fitness. Skating not only improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and lung capacity, the American Council on Fitness reports that One hour on inline skates burns about as many calories as running while strengthening your leg muscles and connecting tissues.  It’s also really fun!

Day 4: Rock Out!
If a week at home watching television makes you feel like you’re about to climb the walls, try climbing the walls at the Tallahassee Rock Gym instead. They’re open at 3:00 pm each afternoon, and invite kids as young as five years old to come and try out their fun and unique workout. Kids will gain confidence as they learn a new skill, all while burning calories and gaining strength.

Day 5: Hit the Gym
International Gold Gymnastics has a spring break camp that offers full-day, half-day, all-week, or single-day options for kids looking for fun and fitness. $50 for a full-day and $35 for a half-day provides gymnastics, arts and crafts, snacks, and fun games. Gymnastics helps kids learn balance and coordination, and is a great way for them to just have fun being active!

Spring break is a great time to start thinking about how to spend summer vacation. These tastes of Tallahassee’s more active camp ideas might be inspiration for planning an active and healthy summer break, as well. Do you have a favorite active spot for kids? Share them in the comments below!

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