Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FCAT Stress? Pint-size your yoga!

Students across Leon County are buckling down for FCAT testing this week, which can bring stress and anxiety into their busy school day. A good night of sleep and a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks go a long way towards helping them take these important days in stride. But, for those students who need a little deliberate down time, yoga may be just the thing!
Yoga has been found to help children reduce stress, calm down in stressful environments, improve self-esteem, develop body awareness and positive body image, foster cooperation, and build compassion for others. It can also enhance flexibility, strength, and coordination. Yoga allows children to slow down and get to know themselves, and develop a longer attention span. Who isn't on board for that?

Kid-friendly yoga classes should be taught by someone who understands the challenge of holding a child’s attention long enough for them to learn about stillness, balance, focus, health, and well-being. When you are looking for age-appropriate yoga, look for classes that are full of movement and open to interpretation; the idea is to foster a love for physical activity, not focus on doing everything correctly.

Kids can take yoga classes locally at Killearn Lakes TaeKwonDo and Lakulish Yoga, or ask your favorite yoga studio if they allow children. Many do, and welcome them.

Yoga is a journey that takes discipline, practice, and patience. When children are exposed to these elements in a caring, calm, and supportive environment…well, they may just teach us a few things about how to deal with stress! Practice yoga with your kids and embark on a journey together!
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