Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tallahassee Helps You Stop Smoking Now

Smoking - we know it's bad, we know it kills, and we know it makes the people around us sick. But, many Tallahassee residents still smoke either because they want to, they feel they are addicted to it, or because they don't know how to quit. Luckily, our community is full of resources to help you smoosh that cigarette into a tiny little speck and say goodbye to it forever.

Did you know FSU will become a smoke-free campus on January 1, 2014?  The Florida State University Quit Smoking NOW program is a 6-session smoking cessation program developed by former smokers to help others quit with the help of a tobacco treatment specialist in a group setting and access to the tools needed to become tobacco-free. QSN also offers access to nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) such as patches, gum and lozenges, to help manage withdrawal symptoms. You can get more information from Chenikka Usher, MSW, CTTS, Tobacco Program Manager at 850-645-9710 or find a Quit Smoking Now group near you by using their interactive calendar: Find a Quit Smoking Now class.

Tobacco Free Leon empowers youth and adults to create a tobacco-free community through youth prevention, cessation activities, promotion of a tobacco-free lifestyle, and reducing the tobacco industry’s influence. By holding meetings at local schools, they encourage students to live healthy by understanding and appreciating the risks of smoking. You can find their next meeting here: Tobacco Free Leon Calendar

For more information about these resources and more, contact Emily Kohler, RDH, TTS, Tobacco Training and Cessation Specialist at the Big Bend Area Health Education Center, Inc.

And, if you're thinking about quitting or know someone who should, Tobacco Free Leon makes it free and easy:

Abstaining from tobacco is one of the 95210 tenants, and also contributes to a healthier Tallahassee. Log your tobacco victories and other health achievements today at www.95210.org!

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